Our suiting is designed to bolster confidence in its wearer. This does not only include the most considered placement of seams, darts, and closures but, equally, the comfort and ease of movement. We know firsthand that what you physically put on affects how you mentally show up. We live it every. single. day.

The more stories shared with us by the incredible women who wear our clothes, the more dedicated we are to making collections that consistently deliver in the moments that matter.

We’ve created a new, exclusive capsule Collection of precisely tailored, seasonless suits. Constructed in a compact stretch, non-wool, power fabric designed to keep everything cool, even under pressure.  

This new SMYTHEHOUSE Collection is intended to be coordinated, mixed, and matched with multiple blazer and pant options and combinations that flatter, and highlight the wearer in every possible way.

We asked these SMYTHE Women to share some insight into their personal style, how they’ve evolved, and how they conjure up confidence in life’s critical fashion moments.



New York-based Stylist, Art Director & Consultant, hype woman in any room & pretend best friend we need to help us get dressed.

We want to know… What do you know or love about yourself now, that you didn't fully appreciate as your younger self?”

Sarah: There's a rebirth that I've experienced later in life. I've experienced things in a new way and I'm able to just be kinder to myself. What I really recognize is that I had it all along, right? I just didn't always tap into it. For me that feels really freeing, and I have more confidence in what I can take on and be because of that.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style? I mean, I'm not one thing. I don't like to be put into a box. I, as a young girl, wanted to be all the girls. I wanted to be the girl in the tutu and the tomboy and the girl in the bright colors and the athletic girl. And that's what I love about clothing and style, is that I can be one girl in the morning, someone in the afternoon, and someone different in the evening.

And I can change my wardrobe and my accessories. I'm not a uniform girl. I envy people that could be the uniform girl. I'm just not it. I'm rooted in the classics with weird and unconventional. And, um, I shop everywhere. I think that's really important, you know, to shop the things that inspire you, not what you think you should be wearing. Right. And try new things.


Model, former fashion broadcaster, jewelry artist, commander of rooms and inventor of re-invention.

We want to know… How do you feel when you wear SMYTHE?
Lana: When I wear Smythe, I feel empowered. I just love how the suits are so tailored and, you know, they're shaped for women. That is something that makes you feel like you look your best - when something is really made for you.

What are your favourite pieces?
Lana: My favourite (coordinating) pieces from Smythe are the handmade dicky sweater.  I really love the chunkiness. I love a chunky knit. That's just so me. Another favorite piece is the Dark and Stormy because that's just an all round, all year coat. Especially in Canada. You might need it in the summer. So it's really, like, the best piece.

How would you describe your personal style?
Lana: I would describe my personal style as eclectic because one day, I really love being just classic. The great tailored suit, the kind of, like, muted colors, and then the next day, I might actually be in a lamé jumpsuit.


UK-based Lawyer / Content Queen re-writing the fashion laws of corporate dressing and giving us necessary cues for high-low styling + investment buying.

How do you feel when you wear SMYTHE?
Well, first of all, in a great suit, I think you can do powerful things. You can do anything. Really smart clothing really makes you feel like a professional woman that you're suited, booted, and ready to take over the world.

How would you describe your personal style? 
 If I were to describe my personal style, it would be effortless. I'd say a little juxtaposition between formal and something a bit more casual. I love pairing sweatshirts with formal clothing.  

For example, a really cool blazer with a hoodie underneath. I think that that really brings out your personal style. You can wear jeans, but jeans and a blazer is such an easy go-to look, while still maintaining an aura of professionalism.


Model, designer, and ceramist extraordinaire – Founder of ceramics brand, Looks Like White. A true creative artist with style we aspire to. (Trudy)

Everything is more beautiful through her lens. Food, interiors, and lifestyle photographer originally from Montreal, currently based in New York. Makes heirloom tomatoes look like they belong in the Louvre. (Chloe)

We want to know… How would you describe your personal style?
I think my style is quite simple, very classic with a twist. I really love to wear blazers and have always worn them – even when I was working in corporate. I really love to be able to mix and match with jeans or with anything.
Chloe: I feel like my style has evolved so much in the last few years. Right now, my style is very classic, yet feminine with some very fun pieces. I just think that wearing clothes that suit my body is really what I'm learning to embrace right now.